Monna Lisa Pop art (serigrafie)


Data stimata di spedizione Aprile 22, 2024 - Aprile 24, 2024
Mona Lisa Pop art

Mona Lisa Pop art

Mona Lisa Pop art (silkscreen)

Mona Lisa Pop art – silkscreen on canvas, size 60 x 80 cm. Multiple work (10 copies) from the ”Pop art – silk screen media painting” series.

The works in the ”Pop art – silkscreen media painting” category are works that are part of the archive of the Artist’s Collection. They were created by the painter in the period between 2000 and 2008.

They all have an archive number,

Many of these works have been exhibited in various exhibitions, published in various official catalogs and sold at auctions.

The Artist has decided to put some works from his collection on sale to give physical space to a new creative period and become part of new collections.

To find out more about the artist’s work on this thematic series click HERE.

DETAILS OF THE WORK Mona Lisa Pop art:

TECHNIQUE: ”silk screen media painting” on canvas

The acrylic colors with which the interventions are made by hand are sometimes fluorescent or iridescent.

DIMENSIONS: 75 x 75 cm (without frame)

For any other information, or if you would like a different size of the work than the one you read, do not hesitate to contact me.


They are a very limited production that does not exceed 20 original works per year given their size and complexity.

The work will be shipped rolled and without a frame to avoid damage during transport, as you can see in the descriptive images.

It will be accompanied by:

The Certificate of Authenticity Guarantee with the archive number and signed by the artist and

The Goods Certificate for customs purposes for which the artist supports the logistics costs.

Given the value of the original work being 10 times higher than the silk-screen prints and the multiple requests, the artist has decided to give the possibility of purchasing a numbered series of silk-screen prints of the original work at more accessible prices. They will also be signed and accompanied by a certificate of guarantee and originality as Opera Multipla. Consult the Multiple Work Silk Screen column by clicking HERE.

To find out more about the artist, visit the Amira di Transilvania website


In this category you were able to purchase works of art created with the famous SERIGRAPHY technique, a very current method highly sought after by collectors.

Popularized in art by Andy Warhol who portrayed Marilyn Monroe for the first time, numbered silk-screen printing has since been embraced by all artists in the following years, becoming a trend that is still in vogue today.

Each work maintains exactly the characteristics of the original work which, in most cases, has already been purchased at a price often 10 times higher as it is a unique example.

Screen printing, on the other hand, has the advantage of being much less expensive, but at the same time an original work as it is numbered and accompanied by an archive certificate and original signature of the artist.

Often the silk-screen works have manual and personalized retouching by the author in order to make each example unique despite it being a small series.

The screenprints that we make available are limited series of 10 copies, an artist’s proof.